Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser when you use websites or applications (apps). You can control how these cookies are used by configuring your browser’s privacy settings (see your browser’s Help section for more information). Please note that if cookies are completely disabled, the LINGUALIS website and its applications may not function properly.

LINGUALIS and the companies that help us run our activities use cookies for various purposes:

  • To authenticate and identify users of our site and applications in order to provide the required services.
  • To store user preferences.
  • To measure site usage to improve the site, customize our online services based on user interests, and to conduct market research.
  • To analyze the browsing habits of users to provide them with personalized and/or specific messages.

Similar technologies for cookies

From a technical point of view, cookies are called “HTTP cookies”. There are other technologies that can be used for similar purposes, such as HTML5 local storage, to authenticate users, keep track of information provided by users, and remember user preferences.

Web beacons and embedded scripts

Web beacons and embedded scripts are other technologies we use on our websites and in our applications, as well as in some of our emails and messages.

Web beacons (or “tags”) are made up of simple programming code embedded in web pages, emails and messages that communicate with LINGUALIS (or the companies that help us run our business), when these types of web pages, emails or messages have been viewed or clicked on.

Embedded scripts program code within some of our pages to measure how you use our pages, for example, the links you click on. We use this information to improve our website and online services, to tailor them to the interests of potential users and to conduct market research. Users can disable scripting features, such as JavaScript, in their browser (see browser Help function). Please note that if you disable scripting capabilities, some LINGUALIS features may not function properly.

Cookies restriction or blocking

To restrict or block cookies used on this website, use the Cookie Preferences Manager

Please note that limiting the use of cookies on this website may decrease its functionality and usability.