Lingualis translators/reviewers have extensive experience with the most widely-used translation software tools, including MemoQ, SDL Trados, XTM, Transit and Passolo, which allow us to streamline the translation process for the benefit of our customers.

These are essentially databases that we maintain to eliminate redundant translations from one project to another for specific customers, thus minimizing cost.

However, these tools are reserved for technical projects, editorial translations, such as websites, corporate communication, or newsletters, require the creativity and writing skills that only a talented translator can offer.

We also use various online resources specific to each project area, as well as all the terminology databases available to translators all over the world.

How we work

Lingualis translators form a team, and as such we share knowledge, expertise and resources. When working on large projects, one of us (usually the translator with the greatest expertise in the field) ensures the proofreading, terminological consistency and cultural relevance of the texts. For our customers, this means added value and the guarantee that another eye has reviewed the translation and the quality of the project before delivery.